Our therapists can perform both therapeutic and remedial massage.

Therapeutic massage is helps to promote relaxation and relief from the stresses and strains of everyday life. It is designed for taking away muscular tension and slowing down the Cardio Vascular System, which encourages restful sleep.

Remedial massage helps to deal with deep muscular problems, which can be experienced by people with Multiple Sclerosis as well as many other conditions

Techniques of remedial massage will vary from patient to patient, as will speed and more importantly pressure.

It helps to relieve some common MS symptoms such as spasm or cramp and bruising.  Deep massage on the legs has been extremely useful in reinstating balance, stability and reliability. Massage in conjunction with H.B.O. proves very beneficial in re-establishing vital blood flow to the extremities of the body, primarily the feet, from where balance, stability and mobility are derived.

It should be pointed out that massage is not a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, but what it can and does do is relieve a lot of stiffness from the body, and increase mobility in various amounts, hopefully reducing the amount of pain killing and muscle releasing drugs which have to be taken.